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Nassau Boat Tours

Pushin Tin Charters is an exclusive and personalized Nassau boat charter company that caters to those seeking the ultimate boating pleasure. We offer a variety of onshore and offshore charters that depart from Nassau taking you to the various islands for the Bahamas adventures of a lifetime.  Each of our Nassau tours offers its own uniqueness and our team of professional guides are committed to providing the finest boating experience! 


We offer seven distinct Nassau boat charters that are available on request while our treasured guests are visiting our bright country filled with culture. Imagine spending a day on a beautiful natural island and playing on the beach without a care in the World.  Glance at the shoreline and be thrilled by the tropical coastline on a Bahamas Island tour. Our Eco-tours are for the nature lovers and adventurists looking for an up close and personal, one on one experience with the outdoors. Once day becomes night, our guests can enjoy one of our night cruises that will take you around on your schedule.

Whether you're basking in the sun with a cocktail on a Beach Charter or an Eco Tour into the canal waiting on that perfect nature driven picture, let Pushin Tin Charters take you on an unforgettable getaway in Paradise. 

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Nassau Boat Charters

Whether it's a commercial being shot or a bridal party getaway, Pushin Tin Charters is always available for personalized services. Imagine a Nassau charter that is totally independent of a schedule and time, but instead, focuses with great detail on your best day ever.  This charter is entirely customized to meet your greatest expectations fused with a memorable experience and is limited to your imagination.

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Nassau Bahamas Swimming with the pigs


Our services are dedicated to visitors looking for that unforgettable “getaway experience”. We want to create that long lasting impression that will have our treasured guests talking for years about how great the experience was.  Our local market is geared towards people looking for a beautiful and exciting Nassau boat tour experience.

At Pushin Tin Charters we've made it our business to show the World, 'It's better in the Bahamas'. 


Sunset in paradise..

As the lights are being switched on, romantic sparkling Nassau appears on the shoreline. The evenings are especially wonderful as paradise smoothly transitions from day to night, leaving a spectacular blushed view of pink and red meshed into the evening sky. 

The illuminated buildings, bridges and boats give the shoreline an appearance never seen before by the outside world. Allow yourself to sit back and cruise past the sights and sounds of Nassau at night. An unforgettable evening in Bahamaland awaits you with Pushin Tin Charters.